Once again Otero and Crowley Counties combined their 4-H Gymkhana’s. Beginning in March there was one 4-H Gymkhana held each month, they rotated between Foxley Fairgrounds in Ordway and the Arkansas Valley Fairgrounds in Rocky Ford. All the 4-H members that participated did a wonderful job and had lots of fun. The 2008 season ended with the August Gymkhana being held on Monday, August 4th. Throughout the series points were accumulated and after all the points were tallied the following are the results with each of the Grand Champions earning a Trophy/Award.

Junior All-Around Cowgirl – Rebecca Barrett, Crowley County

Junior All-Around Cowgirl Runner-up – Dacey Corsentino, Otero County

Junior All-Around Cowboy – Justin Hinkle, Otero County

Junior All-Around Cowboy Runner-up – Jim Hall, Crowley County

Intermediate All-Around Cowgirl – Chi-Ann Wisemon, Otero County

Intermediate All-Around Cowgirl Runner-up – Meranda Barrett, Crowley County

Intermediate All-Around Cowboy – Rhett Hinkle, Otero County

Intermediate All-Around Cowboy Runner-up – Greg Smith, Otero County

Senior All-Around Cowgirl – Bailey Grasmick, Otero County

Senior All-Around Cowgirl Runner-up – Alyssa Mueller, Otero County