On the week of July 26 – August 2, Lindsey and Kirsten Garsmick traveled to Tiajuana, Mexico, on a mission trip provided through Global Expeditions. The main focus of the trip was to build new houses for families that were either homeless or desperate for a decent place to live. In building these houses the lives of the families were completely changed.

Along with the house building, they were given the opportunity to go house to house and minister to the people in the surrounding neighborhood, and also put on a vacation Bible school. It was a week full of physical and spiritual building for them, as well as the group of 750 they met at the ranch.

Lindsey and Kirsten would sincerely like to thank all of those who helped make this trip possible, whether it was financially or the daily prayers that were needed all played a vital role in making the trip an unbelievable, life-changing experience.