The Olney Springs Volunteer Fire Department has received a Ford F350, donated by CISG.


Recently Colorado Interstate Gas Company donated a 2005 Ford F350 to the Olney Springs Volunteer Fire Department. According to Fire Chief Russell Bennett, the vehicle will be put to use as a brush truck and will allow a 1977 Dodge to be retired. Bennett also said this was made possible, in part, by Bruce Jones, area manager for CISG. Jones grew up in Olney Springs.


“It is donations of companies like this that help small departments like ours,” said Bennett. “In a little over a year we have gone from gunny sacks to modern technology,” added John Palomino, Olney Springs fire department member. “Our entire community is safer as a result of contributions from companies, private individuals and larger departments. It's just too bad it took the death of two of our firemen to bring these needs to light.” Olney Springs Volunteer Fire Department lost Fire Chief Terry DeVore and John Swartz, Jr., when their truck plunged off a burned bridge while responding to a fire in Ordway on April 15, 2008.