Due to lack of a quorum, Fowler Town Council was unable to hold a regularly scheduled meeting for the second time in October.


Despite not being able to meet, an informal discussion of the Fry-Ark water project took place with representatives from the organization who were present for Monday's meeting. Bill Long, Las Animas County Commissioner, explained money contributed over the past few years by Fowler has been used to promote legislation for the project. “It's been a six or seven year effort,” Long stated.


Recently, after receiving a bill for the project, Fowler officials invited representatives to Monday's meeting seeking an explanation of money spent so far as well as expected costs in the future. In 2009 Fowler was assessed $3.25 per capita to help fund Fry-Ark. In 2010 that amount increases to $4.50 for a total of $5500.


Long said they believe the project is making progress and encouraged Fowler to stay in saying, “If you drop out now then want back in ten years from now, it's going to be a big hill to climb.” Long assured those present Monday that firm numbers on costs are expected after the first of the year. “We don't believe this will go on and on and on,” he stated.


Long closed the discussion, once again encouraging Fowler to remain with Fry-Ark at least through 2010 when better data should be available.