On Wednesday Matt Heimerich announced his intent to run for Colorado State Senate.


Matt Heimerich, three-term Crowley County Commissioner, announced Wednesday his candidacy for Colorado State Senate, District 2. Currently, that position is held by Ken Kester, a Republican from Las Animas. Kester's service in the Senate is ending due to term limits.


At a press conference Wednesday afternoon in Ordway, Kester introduced Heimerich, also a Republican, to the crowd saying, “You get a little possessive about the position you have and so you are very, very worried about who may replace you. I am not worried anymore because I am so proud to have Matt Heimerich as a candidate.” Kester went on to state Heimerich is a businessman who also understands agriculture. “Matt is the type of person we need in Denver.”


District 2 covers ten counties, most of southeast Colorado, minus the City of Pueblo. A majority of the population resides in Fremont, Otero, and the rest of Pueblo County.


Heimerich says as a commissioner he deals everyday with rules and regulations drafted at the state level and believes southeastern Colorado needs a strong voice. “We may not have the same rate of growth as the Front Range, but southeastern Colorado and District 2 make big contributions to our state,” he commented.


Among those contributions noted by Heimerich are a strong agricultural community, numerous correctional facilities in Crowley and Fremont Counties, and the ability to develop alternative energy sources. Heimerich also pointed to areas of concern for southeast Colorado. Water is an ongoing issue, as well as the Army's proposed expansion of Pinon Canyon. Heimerich, a proponent for landowners and rural communities, says District 2 deserves a “fair shake.” Heimerich also discussed the difficulties associated with healthcare in rural areas.


Before ending his press conference Wednesday, Heimerich took a moment to thank supporters and his wife, Karen Tomky for support now and in the coming months. “I want to thank everybody in this room, especially Karen, as we face an arduous campaign ahead.” Tomky, a local doctor, currently serves at the coroner in Crowley County.


In a primary election next year, Heimerich will be running against Kevin Grantham, a Republican from Fremont County.