Despite the snow and cold wind, Fowler fans turned out to cheer on the Lady Grizzlies at District playoffs Thursday. 

Fowler hit the floor first facing off against Custer County.  Grizzlies' very strong, consistent bump, set, hit combo toppled the Bobcats who lost  25-11, 25-8 and 25-8.

Fowler's second game of the day was a hard fought battle against the Hoehne Farmers.  Match 1 was a loss for the Grizzlies 25-27. Match 2 swung Fowler's way with a win 25-23.  Match 3 was a 25-21 win for Fowler and finally, to end the game in Fowler's favor, match 4 was a 25-15 win. 

With two wins secured, Fowler met South Park for the last game of the day. Fowler's front line pounded hit after hit into South Park territory and Grizzlies secured the District championship winning three sets; 25-9, 25-6 and 25-19.

Hoehne ended the day with a second place finish, and South Park took third.

Fowler Grizzlies head to Regionals next Friday, Nov. 6.