Fowler Town council passes resolutions and adopts ordinanaces for 2011.

At the Dec. 13 meeting, the town of Fowler council members passed resolutions and adopted ordinances for the 2011 year.
Ordinance 659-10 will allow the formation of a police committee.
This committee will consist of seven voting members, two trustees and five municipal residents, the chief of police will serve as the one non-voting ex-officio member. The committee will take effect on Jan. 1, 2011.
Ordinance 658-10 certified the mill levy at 15.388 mills.
Resolution 784-10: Adopted the 2011 calendar
Resolution 785-10: Appropriated funds.
Resolution 786-10: Adopted the 2011 budget.
Resolution 787-10: Appropriated funds.
 Town Treasurer Twana Klinkerman reported that overall the general fund is in good shape, several of the town funds have come in under budget and sales tax is well above budget.
Klinkerman also reported that OCLI will continue to charge the town a sanitation fee, which is in turn passed onto the citizens and is reflected as the sanitation fee on their water bill. Citizens of Otero County will also be charged if and when they use the dump, those fees were set by the county and will take effect Jan. 1, 2011.