In accordance with the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program Grant award which was awarded to the Fowler Library, computer classes were taught by Mike Aragon at the Fowler High School Computer Lab.

In the first hour Aragon explained how to access the Internet and move about searching for information. The second hour of the class was spent on the care and parts of a computer.

Laptop computers from the Fowler Library, which were purchased with the grant monies were taken to the class so that Mr. Aragon could show the differences between a desktop and a laptop computer.

Fowler Library now has 20 computers for use by library patrons. Before the grant, there were only five computers available.

As in all grants, matching funds were required, the library funds were not sufficient to make that match, so First National Bank of Fowler graciously stepped forward with the matching funds.

The Fowler Library is grateful to First National Bank of Fowler and Fowler School District for their support.

Another class will be held at a later date.