Fowler High School recipient of makeover.

College In Colorado is a federally-funded state initiative under the Colorado Department of Higher Education. Through outreach, publications, teacher training and a robust website,, the agency helps students and families plan, apply and pay for education and career training after high school. This service is free to all Coloradans. However, that is not all they do. Every year they select one Colorado school for a Counseling Center Makeover. The contest allows Colorado middle and high school counselors to submit their application explaining why their office deserves a makeover. They are encouraged to use pictures, videos and any other means deemed necessary to show their need. This year 13 schools from all over the state of Colorado applied for the makeover. On Tuesday, Aug. 20, officials from College In Colorado were at Fowler High School for a ribbon cutting ceremony, showcasing the makeover of Fowler High School guidance counselor Donna Aragon's new office area. Aragon and Fowler School District were the lucky recipients of the $3,000 Makeover Contest. The Makeover included re-locating her former office to a classroom, a thorough cleaning and full painting of her new work area, furniture, laptop computers, storage lockers, a new desk and conference table and a new flat screen television for watching school announcements. The work was done in early August by the Colorado In College staff members with the support of the schools maintenance staff. "I didn't do this alone, Brandon Grasmick, Dominic Maestas and Isaac Aragon where instrumental in helping me win this makeover. Brandon shot a video of my former office, Dominic helped with the editing and Isaac made it a 3D video, which according to College In Colorado's Chase Squires, put us over the top," said Aragon. "When we saw the video, we could see that she had no privacy," said Kate Tweedy of College in Colorado. "We realize the importance of the counselor's position and know the need for plenty of space and privacy, which this makeover now provides for Mrs. Aragon," said Chase Squires, Director of Communications for College In Colorado. Placing: A Column: 1 Scaling: 0 Format: Photo Caption Pictured (left to right) Chase Squires, Kate Tweedy, Brenda Navarette, Donna Aragon, Mindy Mickelson, Steven Grasmick and Russell Bates at the ribbon cutting ceremony, celebrating the College