Julie Worley

Winners are identified by name, school, grade and amount of prize money they were awarded.


Alea Wittler, Vilas, 7th grade, $300

Breanna Wilson, Eads, 5th grade, $200

Hunter Bauserman, Swink, 5th grade, $100

Brendan Lockhart, Pioneer Christian, 8th grade, $50

Jacob Groves, Pioneer Christian, 8th grade, $50

Teagan Emily Summers, Pioneer Christian, 8th grade, $50

Evan Lagergren, Pioneer Christian, 8th grade, $50

Malcom Lovejoy, Campo, 7th grade, $50

Clay Havens, Pioneer Christian, 8th grade, $50

Aliyah Macias, Wiley, 7th grade; Naleya Poteet, Wiley, 7th grade; Lupita Marquez, Wiley, 7th grade - $50 for the team

 Chloe Johnson, Campo, 6th grade; Shalee Billings, Campo, 7th grade - $50 for the team

Grace Pendleton, Wiley, 7th grade; Wayttyn Wollert, Wiley, 7th grade; Demi Wollert, Wiley, 7th grade - $50 for the team


Jaydon Yeomans, Home School, 11th grade, $550

Breanna Berry, Home School, 11th grade, $500

Antonio Lucero, Wiley, 12th grade; Harold Stewart, Wiley, 10th grade - $500 for the team

Kylie Franklin, Campo, 11th grade, $150

Mykayla Krentz, Wiley, 10th grade, $150

Morgan Ray, Home School, 11th grade, $150

Sophie Russell, Swink, 9th grade, $150

Haley Volanos, Swink, 11th grade; Brianna Wilk, Swink, 12th grade - $150 for the team