The following Fowler Junior High School Scholastic Achievement (Academic) Awards were presented earlier in May.

Top Students in the Classroom

7th Grade Integrated Science Student of the Year –

• Emily Flanscha

Award for Outstanding Performance in 8th Grade Science –

• Braxton Bates, Liam Griffy, Kaley Pieper

Award for Outstanding Achievement in Math 7

• Alexis Armijo, Kaitlyn Campbell

Award recognizing mastery and perseverance - and General Outstanding Performance - in Math 8

• Braxton Bates • Kaley Pieper

Award for Outstanding Performance in English 7

• Dyllan Damgaard – Reading • Hailey Smith – Reading

Outstanding Performance in English 8 from Mrs. Mossman

• Jayden Osborne - Reading

English Awards from Miss Zartman

• Bookworm Award – Jayden Osborne – Recognizing her love for books in and out of the classroom

• Homework Award – Jackson Bates – For handing in all of his homework assignments in the English classroom

• Librarian Award – Kaley Pieper – For always having a book to read in the English classroom

• Spelling Superstar Award – Liam Griffy – Recognizing sensational spelling skills in the English classroom

Geography Student of the Year from Social Studies 7: Kaitlyn Campbell, Ashton Cash

U.S. History Student of the Year from Social Studies 8: Aaron Hildreth, Kaley Pieper

JH Health: Kaitlyn Campbell, Jeremiah DeVore

Art Awards

Amazing Artist Award – Laiken Griffy: Recognizing the outstanding and creative art abilities in the art classroom

Most Improved Award – Seth Chapman: Recognizing growth in artistic skills and concepts in the art classroom

Most Artistic Award – Jeremiah DeVore: Recognizing artistic skills and concepts in and out of the art classroom

Go the Extra Mile Award – Ann Marie Pruett: Recognizing the extra effort and time put into each and every assignment in the art classroom

JH Industrial Arts Student of the Year

Gabriel Proctor, Martha Castaneda

Involvement and Competition Recognition

Destination Imagination – Junior High Team Members

The Junior High Destination Imagination team, The Colorful Peeps, received 1st place at Regionals for their Show & Tech performance. At Regionals they received the Renaissance Award. This award recognizes those teams that demonstrate extraordinary amounts of effort and preparation or outstanding skill in engineering, design, or performance. They did a great job at the State competition and got 12th place. Great job!

Junior High DI team members include the following students: Chloe Briggs, Kaitlyn Campbell, Ashton Cash, Martha Castaneda, Lexie Hackworth

Team Manager: Rebecca Zartman

Student Council

Ashton Cash, Dyllan Damgaard, Kailee Mobbley, Braxton Bates, Liam Griffy, Niquole Knapp, Cheyenne Lange, Jayden Osborne, Kaley Pieper, Gabriel Proctor

Junior High Knowledge Bowl

This was our first year of the junior high program, and the team gave a very good showing in all competitions.

Chloe Briggs, Kaitlyn Campbell, Ashton Cash, Emily Flanscha, Jaycee Palomino, Hailey Smith, Braxton Bates, Luke Gonzalez, Liam Griffy, Niquole Knapp, Nicodemus Lancaster, Val Leone, Kaley Pieper