This will be the last article that Terry and I will submit to the La Junta Tribune and Fowler Tribune.

We want to thank Candice Hill and the staff at both papers for offering to their readers this form of education for the last four years. We appreciate the opportunity to be part of these two long running organizations.

Two years ago the government began enacting laws that would change the way the financial service business could interact with the public. That time has arrived and the law is now partially in place. As we see it, these laws are not all bad. From the opening of our office, we have conducted ourselves in a way that now will be mandatory. However, these laws do limit what can be submitted in educational articles.

We have always tried to make sure that we work closely with our clients, understand their concerns and develop plans that reflect their goals and desires. This newspaper helped us do that through the articles that were published.

Serving the people of the Valley will not end. The only thing ending are the articles.

Let me give an example of trust, honesty and confidence in community.

As the Arkansas River reached flood stage this past month, there was a location where sandbags could be filled and used to help with the flooding. On the pile of sand were several shovels people could use. If we were almost anywhere else I believe that some if not all shovels would have been taken. As of today, and to the best of my knowledge, all the shovels are right where they were left last month. This is a very simple story with a great lesson.

As we watch the TV almost any night we see that trust and honesty are very limited. But in our small communities throughout southern Colorado both trust and honesty run rampant.

We are very proud to be lifelong members of the La Junta and Fowler communities.

Thanks again for all the support,
Bob and Terry Grooms
Accelerated Wealth of La Junta & Pueblo
And as always, we can be reached at 719-980-0595 to answer your retirement questions.