AURORA — Like every other state in the country, Colorado high school sports are facing an officials' crisis. There aren't enough officials to cover all the games the kids are playing, says Colorado High School Activities Association associate commissioner Tom Robinson, who oversees sports officials in the state.

"We are having to ask schools to alter varsity schedules just ot ensure that we can cover those games, but there will be sub-varsity games that won't have complete crews on some of them," Robinson notes. "That isn't fair to the athletes and to the officials, because that level is a training level for both."

The officials' organizations that serve Colorado's high schools have developed classes for those interested in becoming an official. In most sports, these classes are local and the leadership will assist in registration, training and can answer any questions that might arise.

The local class for football officials is Aug. 2 at the Otero Junior College McBride Hall parking lot beginning at 6:30 p.m. The contact is Robert Samaniego at (719) 469-7820 or

The local class for softball is July 16 at the La Junta SD Building beginning at 5:30 p.m. The contact is Anthony Rangel at (719) 469-6955 or

The date for the volleyball class has yet to be determined. The contact is Deanna Russell at (719) 469-6249 or