Wilma Gager and Charlie Buck have been selected by the Missouri Day Association to lead the 2017 Missouri Day Parade on July 15 at 10 a.m. in Fowler.

Wilma Gager and Charlie Buck have been selected by the Missouri Day Association to lead the 2017 Missouri Day Parade on July 15 at 10 a.m. in Fowler.

Throughout many decades, Wilma and Charlie have been actively involved in almost everything that has transpired in our community. While always there to share in the good times, they have also been there to assist in the not-so-good times. Their compassion and their resiliency are some of the main reasons why this honor has been bestowed upon them as they share this milestone with at least seven generations of the Buck family that have made Fowler “A Great Place to Grow.”

Throughout the years, they helped keep the community informed when they operated the Fowler Tribune. Although they would rather remember all of the stories they printed about the good things in Fowler and by the citizens of Fowler, they also recall some of the tragedies that helped bring Fowler closer together because it “went with the job of being a reporter.”

As an active member of the community, Wilma has helped bridge the divide between generations to keep faith and history alive in our community. Whenever you see someone smiling on the street, we always think to ourselves, “They must have just visited with Wilma.”

In the early years of her retirement, she enjoyed traveling, playing golf, gardening, painting and remaining active in several community clubs. One of her favorite activities was fishing. These days, Wilma likes to give the fish a little break so she stays a little closer to home.

She enjoys her morning coffee time a Loaf N’ Jug and lunches with friends at the Sage Center. As a card shark, many of her evenings are spent playing cards around her kitchen table. No matter where you see Wilma, she will always tell you, “I love spending time with my family. Spending time with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren is my joy!”

Although we no longer get to see Charlie behind the camera lens, the vision he helped bring to our community is still visible. The lasting impressions that he made through his time serving on the Boy Scouts committee, or filling in as the Easter Bunny at the Chamber of Commerce Easter Egg hunt, or being a member of the Lions Club will forever bring a ray of sunshine and a feeling of warmth to our community. Charlie said, “I am just living day by day and enjoying visiting with everyone!” For the last 14 months, Charlie has been in an assisted living home in Pueblo West. His plan is to move to the Fowler Nursing Home in the near future. He said, “I decided the best place for me was back where I started.” Charlie is looking forward to moving back to his hometown and attending the Fowler High School All School Reunion this year.

Be sure to spend some time with the grand marshals after the parade as they will regale an audience with their fondest Missouri Day memories, from the dances in the rain, to the numerous babies that have graced the annual baby contest. Their biggest request is that we help instill in our youth the love for Fowler that they have in their hearts. “We hope that in 50-60 years those babies on the stage on Saturday will be Missouri Day Parade Grand Marshals.”