More than 100 pounds of marijuana were seized in Fowler on Saturday.

More than 100 pounds of marijuana were seized in Fowler on Saturday.

On Saturday, July 29, the Fowler Police Department, with help from the Otero County Sheriff’s office, executed multiple search warrants for illegal marijuana grows.

The Fowler Police Department would like to thank Otero County Sheriff Shawn Mobley and deputies for assisting them during the operation.

The Fowler Police Department would also like to remind the community that marijuana, like alcohol, is still regulated by state law, and must be used and cultivated in accordance with those laws.

“We do not waste time and resources investigating legal marijuana use,” the Fowler Police Department reported. “Staying in compliance with the state regulations allows us to focus on other criminal activity.”

Sheriff Mobley agreed and posted on his Facebook page, “And for the haters out there, no, we don’t waste our time going after ‘legal’ marijuana. We spend much more time investigating crimes related to methamphetamine and heroin, and crimes related to this, such as burglaries, and my deputies have one of the highest success rates in the state in clearing these cases. We do receive grant money to to investigate and enforce the marijuana law and regulations, and I will not turn a blind eye to the illegal activity surrounding marijuana. So, this is paid for by revenues generated by the legal marijuana market.”