You can track the American Legion Scholarship Run passing through here on Saturday, Aug. 12

Jody Bracy has sent more information concerning the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Run, which will pass through La Junta about noon on Saturday, Aug. 12.

Please keep in mind the main body of the Legacy Run is preceded by a small group of 20-25 motorcycles in the Advance Team. The Advance Team is 45-60 minutes ahead of our published schedule, they have been mistaken for the main body a few times. Spectators felt really disappointed, left and missed the main event. It isn’t that the main group missed the flags or spectators, we just don’t want folks along the route to feel they’ve been short-changed. To help with this the American Legion also has a live tracking link. Please feel free to pass out the live tracker link below. It can give folks something to do while they wait and lets them know when to expect the full show.

RaahTracker - Shared Route
Tracked 12.9 miles on this route.

As the American Legion Legacy Run travels, we ask that as you are driving that you are very mindful of the motorcycles on the road. Just a few safety tips to prevent accidents:
• Look Twice and Save A Life.
• Please DO NOT try to cut the pack or attempt to pass all of the motorcycles on 2 lane highways. Cutting into the pack endangers all of the motorcyclist behind you and you risk hitting the ones in front of you. The motorcycle pack is a couple miles long. The chances of you passing all of the motorcycles safely and not cutting the pack are highly unlikely. So please be extra aware when you see the motorcycles. They will be traveling at highway speeds and under escort from law enforcement.
• When taking pictures, please stay on the sidewalk or on the shoulder of the road leaving enough room for the bikes to travel by you safely.
• All support vehicles will be running with their emergency flashers on. This should signal you as to the Legacy Run being ahead.

We look forward to seeing you as we pass through your town on the Legacy Run. For more information on the American Legion Legacy Scholarship visit: To make a donation to the American Legion Legacy Run visit: