Fowler football team helps with the heavy lifting

Shirley Fosdick was sitting in the Tamarack Grill in Fowler, discussing with her visiting niece how they were going to install a heavy sliding glass door at their ranch. She and her niece both knew it was too heavy for her husband, Tony, and his brother. The Fosdick Ranch is over a hundred years old, and the house destined to receive the custom-made glass door was built in 1890. Needless to say, the door is large and heavy.

About that time, they noticed the Fowler football team was also in the restaurant, just leaving. Shirley’s niece, Terry, went up to one of the boys and asked if they could help. “Sure, no problem,” they said. Much to the surprise of Shirley and Terry, the boys beat them to the ranch at 32883 County Road 5 and were already busy when they the ladies arrived.

They want to thank the Fowler football team for their help and their courtesy, and also to thank coach Mark Van Sickle. Tony Fosdick will return the favor by contributing to the football team.