Wednesday was Fiesta Day as well as Silver Day at the fair.

Wednesday was Fiesta Day as well as Silver Day at the fair. Exhibitors were setting up, the art show was being judged, and the 4-H kids were showing their goat projects. The speaker at the goat show expressed thanks from those using the new goat and sheep pens and the rabbit cages.

Over at the pavilion, contests were held for jalapeno, watermelon and enchilada eating. Jalapenos were definitely the most painful, watermelon looked like fun, and enchiladas were more of less the last straw.

The Fiesta Princesses and Prince were introduced by Rosa Ramos, who is the director of Fiesta activities this year at the AVF. The Koshares performed a spectacular if shortened show, including House Blessing from the Santa Cara Pueblo, a Cochiti Dance learned from the Apache and done by the Kiowa Clan of two warriors challenging, the Sneak-Up Dance, a Fancy Dance, the Attack, and last but probably most impressive, the Eagle Dance, well performed by the new Koshare Chief, Diego Salazaar. Also performing were Dreyton Nichols, Melody Martinez, Emily Cahill, Lorraine Lopez, Ethan Manyik and Jeremiah Ramirez.

Daviid ‘Scott’ Balicki, acting in the Buck Burshears persona, announced the dances. It is only a little disconcerting when he says ‘we’ picked up this dance in 1934 at the World’s Fair in Chicago, considering that was roughly 50 years before he was born. The Koshares will be celebrating their 85th anniversary next year. They have 35 dancers, but are seeking more, and so have set up a recruitment date on Sept. 11. "It’s a chance to go to Washington, D.C., and maybe New York City," said Balicki, "just by learning to dance with the Koshares. We go all over."

Next came a repeat performance by the Omawari Mexican Folklore Dance Group, with dancers from 4 to 45 performing a variety of dances. The small children did traditional colorful numbers with props ranging from flower arches to baskets balanced on the heads. One of the grownup dances was a spectacular skirt-flouncing lady finally attracting the attention of a dashing vaquero.

All in all, it was a spectacular day.