Now is your chance to get rid of old car and truck tires for free

The Otero County Commissioners on Monday heard a presentation from Su Korbitz of the Otero/Crowley Department of Health and Environment announcing an amnesty day for turning in used car and truck tires. The Department has a $3,500 grant per day for each of the collection points: Crowley County Fairgrounds, Clean Valley Recycling, and Manzanola Landfill. The allowance is $3.50 per tire for 1,000 tires. The locations will shut down when the 1,000 quota is reached, but there may be some room for adjustments, said Korbitz. Dates and times are as follows:

Sept. 9, 8 a.m.-2 p.m., Crowley County Fairgrounds, 17245 County Road H, Ordway; Crowley County residents only.

Sept. 23, 8 a.m.-2 p.m., Clean Valley Recycling, 203 North Swink Dr., Swink; La Junta, Swink, Cheraw and Rocky Ford areas.

Oct. 14, 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Manzanola Landfill, 31889 County Road 11, Manzanola; Manzanola and Fowler area residents only.

Rules for the recycling events are 1. car and truck tires without rims; 2. nine tires or fewer, per person, per trip; limit of 1,000 tires each event; bring proof of residency (utility bill, driver’s license, etc.). Korbitz said the department could use volunteer help on the drop-off days. Just contact the Health Department at Otero or Crowley County offices.

Also on Sept. 23 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Clean Valley Recycling has 20 percent off on paints. Metals, paper, glass, cardboard, plastic containers #1-#7, shrink wrap, paint, electronics, batteries, fluorescent bulbs and milk/juice cartons may be recycled at CVR.

Southeast and East Central Recycling Association takes metals, paper and glass mainly. Cardboard is taken in some locations. 24/7 drop off at the light brown bins.

Economic Development Coordinator Danelle Berg asked the commissioners for a letter of support for SECOM to supply high-speed fiberoptic connections for locations where service is inadequate - Las Animas, Springfield, Holly, Walsh and Granada. The information was gleaned through regional meetings and development of the Broadband Strategic Plan with contractor Tilson Technologies. The planning grant is finished ahead of schedule.

She requests support for SECOM as the contractor because of their record of fast, reliable and redundant internet service. With help from the Broadband fund, SECOM will be better able to provide the necessary broadband and bandwidth to provide students with adequate access and help attract new businesses to the area.

Berg also urged support of the La Junta Health District through the 1 percent sales tax increase on the ballot this fall in La Junta. The Health District will enable La Junta to obtain funds necessary to build a nursing home facility. It is estimated the local population voting on the issue pays only 37 percent of the funds which will be raised with the tax; most is paid by travelers and shoppers in the town.

Commissioner Jim Baldwin attended a Colorado Department of Transportation in Lamar. Two more passing zones are planned for between Manzanola and Fowler. Chances are the bridge over Fort Lyon Canal in North La Junta will be redone at the same time as the bridge over the Arkansas River on State Highway 71, said Baldwin. He also asked CDOT to repair the bridge on County Road BB to the condition it was before heavy trucks started using the county road to avoid a weigh station on 71 and to relocate the weigh station so that the county road is not a detour for the trucks to miss it.

All county offices, the courts and landfills will be closed on Monday, Sept. 4, in observance of Labor Day. Commissioners will meet on Sept. 5.