The following are the results of the Junior Livestock Show Round Robin at the Arkansas Valley Fair:

Kalley Crouch – 1st
Zeke Foster – 2nd
Molly Tate – 3rd
Abbygail Snyder – 4th
Greta Scofield – 5th
Kaitlyn Smith – 6th

Jenna Day – 1st
Morgan Leake – 2nd
Emma Stovall – 3rd
Trey Pearce – 4th
Abigail Provost – 5th
Wil Stites – 6th

Sadie Buhr – 1st
Reese Dutton – 2nd
Jentry Matthew – 3rd
Kory Pieper – 4th
Connor Coldfelter – 5th
Jade Peltier – 6th