Three vacancies drew three candidates for the Fowler School District Board of Education, meaning Douglas Arnold in District B, Eric Larson in District D and Dorothy K. Sallee in District E will be appointed to the board unopposed. The election was canceled by current members of the school board Sept. 6.

Regionally, three local city council races, accompanied by seven area school board races will be on the upcoming Nov. 7 election ballots.

In La Junta, voters will elect a new mayor as current council members Edward Vela and Jeffri Pruyn will vie for the seat being vacated by current mayor Lynn Horner.

Newcomer Eugene Maestas will be appointed to fill the Ward I seat unopposed, while races will occur in both Ward II and Ward III. Elaine McIntyre and Julie Worley have filed a petition to run in Ward II and Terrance Hestand and current councilman Scott Eckhart have filed petitions in Ward III.

Six individuals have filed petitions with the East Otero School District to fill four seats on La Junta Public Schools Board of Education. Three individuals seeking two seats for a two-year term filed petitions, including Kristin Bickel, Thomas J. Seaba and current director Toni Steward Martinez. Three individuals seeking two seats for four-year terms filed petitions, including current directors Angela Ayala and Dee Leyba and Kidron Backes.

In Rocky Ford, attention will focus on the race for mayor, which will include three individuals. Geneva Hernandez, Susan Bumstead and J.R. Thompson have each filed petitions with the city. Vacant seats in Ward I and Ward II will be filled unopposed by Charles "Bill" Pattie and Rachel Wallace Patrick.

The Rocky Ford School District has canceled their inclusion on the November ballot as three individuals filed petitions for three seats on the board. Current board president Darren Garcia, along with Alan Frantz and Sharri Moreland will be elected unopposed.

Swink voters will be asked to fill vacancies on the Swink School District Board of Education. While both Shannon Wallace and Lyn Neave will be elected unopposed to fill the two available two-year terms, four individuals have filed petitions to fill two vacant four-year terms. Voters will choose between David Cobb, Rocky Mueller, Fred Grantham and Ky Davis.

Town of Swink elections will be held in April 2018.

The same can be said of the Town of Manzanola Board of Trustees election, which will be held in April next year. Manzanola School District, however, will ask voters to choose three individuals to fill vacancies on the Board of Education. Six people have filed petitions, including Felipe Padilla, Erica Carroll, Lorraine "Rainy" Melgosa, Bradley D. Roe, Larry D. Padilla and Jennifer Arebalo.

In Cheraw, Crystal Provost will be re-elected to a two-year term on the Board of Education, while four individuals will seek two vacant four-year terms to the board. Voters will choose between Brooke Matthew, Tina Hall, Tyler Collins and current board member Jerid Bruna.

Town of Cheraw elections will be held in April 2018.

In Las Animas, William "Bill" Deal will be re-elected to fill a vacancy on the Las Animas School District Board of Education. The race in Las Animas will be found on the City of Las Animas Council, where Tracy L. Kim and David Armstrong have filed petitions to fill a vacancy in Ward II, Precinct 9. Troy Abdulla in Ward I, Precinct 10 and Frank Schmeizer in Ward III, Precinct 8 will be elected unopposed. David M. Beebe will run unopposed for a seat on the Las Animas Light & Power Board.

In McClave, three seats are vacant on the Board of Education, whereas four people have filed petitions. Voters will choose between Jack Goebel, Justin Miller, Terri Beckett and Chad Kiniston. Terms are for four years.