Turnout looks good in city election

Veterans Service Officer Jay Scott and Monica Armendariz of the Arkansas Valley Hospice proposed a Veterans Memorial Christmas Tree for the courthouse this year. The tree, a fundraising event for Arkansas Valley Hospice, would be a seven foot tree decorated with memorial ornaments purchased at the hospice office in honor of veterans and put on the tree by hospice workers. The tree’s location will be worked out with courthouse maintenance workers and will be put up and taken down by hospice. The decorations will be saved and given to the donors after Christmas. Bob Fowler is making the wooden ornaments and the hospice workers are making bows of different colors for the other ornaments. The commissioners agreed it would be a good idea to so honor veterans at Christmastime. For more information, call Monica Armendariz at Arkansas Valley Hospice, 384-8827.

The Gray and Black Market Marijuana Grant Proposal from the Sheriff’s office was completed and submitted last Friday. The entire grant, to cover expenses for personnel and equipment at the joint raid involving Otero, Bent, Crowley, Pueblo and a portion of El Paso County, would be approximately $60,642 with Otero County submitting $24,580, Crowley County, $34,550 and the District Attorney’s office, $1,512. Bent County did not submit expenses and was not included in the grant request.

County Treasurer Dennis Smith reported an all-time low on foreclosures during the last quarter, with only five foreclosures. However, four are already in progress for this quarter. Reflecting the slower activity, the submission to the general fund from the Treasurer’s office for the third quarter is $510.39, in contrast with $2,728 for the second quarter. “For the economy as a whole, though,” said Smith, “this is good news.”

County Clerk Sharon Sisnroy reported the judges will start work on this election on Tuesday. Signatures must be processed before ballots are counted. Fifty-two ballots came in to the courthouse box on the first counting. Several pallets have arrived from the post office. It is possible to receive two ballots, one as a property holder.

In preparation for a Greater Outdoors Colorado Grant for the fairground, County Administrator Jean Hinkle is processing the surveys given out at the Arkansas Valley Fairgrounds and participated in a walk-through with AV Fair Manager Sally Cope. Progress is also being made on the Marijuana fund project to fund canine searches in local high schools - East Otero, Rocky Ford, Swink and Cheraw.

Commissioner Keith Goodwin said the North La Junta Conservancy District may have found additional financing through a Title 37 method of assigning assessments. County Economic Development Coordinator Danelle Berg is happy with the response to the Housing Assessment Report last week.

Seventeen hundred wind towers are scheduled to be built on the southern plains, most likely in Baca County. Commissioner Kevin Karney said we have the power to generate, but the problem is transmission lines. The new hydroelectric generating plant is now under construction at Pueblo Reservoir, utilizing the Conduit opening. The electricity will serve the City of Fountain and Fort Carson.

In the Planning meeting, a minor subdivision request to split off 1.31 acres and 1.75 acres from 53.416 acres, commonly addressed as 27742 County Road 21, Rocky Ford, was approved. Owner of record is Robert L. Morrison Testamentary Trust and Mary Eileen Wasserbach and Marjorie A. Morrison. Mr. Morrison having been an objector to the Rocky Ford water sale, the seven shares of Rocky Ford Ditch water remain with the land, no 1041 necessary. However, Director Lex Nichols will continue to check on the water situation. The minor subdivision is for the purpose of establishing two residential tracts split off from the acreage.