One thing is for sure on Gotham: Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) has some huge cajones. Well, it's either that or he's one of the most oblivious men on the face of the planet. It could go either way.

In the Season 5 premiere of Gotham, Gordon let Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) kill Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) and get away with only a shot to the ankle. The supervillain was allowed to continue living large, controlling Gotham's ammo and weapon supply and most of the city's resources for himself. You can imagine that doesn't really sit well with Babs (Erin Richards), who is itching to get revenge for her best friend's murder.

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So, one has to wonder what the hell would possess Jim to go asking Babs for help on his latest quest? Homegirl has already proven that she's not stable on the best of days, but she straight up loses it in TV Guide's exclusive clip from this week's episode when the man who enabled Tabs' death has the nerve to come strolling into her club with his hand out.

Sweet ol' Jim thinks that logic -- that no one would be crazy enough to take on Penguin and his arsenal -- will keep Babs from going over the edge, but Jim doesn't seem to recognize the dire nature of Gotham's situation. They are closed off from all help from the outside world and no one is coming to save them. It's basically The Hunger Games on that island. She's not worried about dying because the likelihood of anyone making it off the island at this point seems slim -- so she might as well go out avenging the person she loved most.

Can Jim Gordon handle that level of realness though?

Find out when Gotham airs Thursday at 8/7c on Fox.

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