We might not have another Cloverfield Paradox situation on our hands this year, but Super Bowl LIII is still a hot spot for film and television trailers. What better way to get bottoms in the theater and eyes on your show than to roll out a preview during football's biggest day?

Here's a look at all the new trailers rolled out in conjunction with the 2019 Super Bowl so far. Check back for more as the spots become available.

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Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham bring their Fast & Furious franchise side characters to center stage in August's Hobbs and Shaw, which teams the two frenemies together to stop Idris Elba's powerful, genetically enhanced supervillain from destroying the world. Judging from the film's Super Bowl trailer, the stunts are as spectacular as Fast & Furious fans expect -- though it remains to be seen if the series emphasis on the power of family will be as represented here. Either way, more trailers should use War's "Why Can't We Be Friends?"


A new look at Jordan Peele's next nightmare pic was revealed ahead of the big game, with footage from the first teaser sprinkled with some terrifying new shots from the director's follow-up to his smash hit Get Out. This movie centers on a family experiencing a very sinister form of synchronicity as they face what look to be very menacing (and deadly) versions of themselves. Between the eerie sound effects, the inhumanly jerky movements of the shadow versions of our heroes and the looks of sheer terror on these kids' faces, this'll guarantee to put some bottoms in seats when this thing hits theaters.

Wonder Park

Well, isn't this a fresh dose of childhood? A new trailer for Paramount's newest animated adventure, Wonder Park, shows the vibrant and imaginative world of one young girl, who stumbles upon the theme park of her dreams and decides to patch it up. From what we see here, this looks like it'll channel some of the magic of family favorites like Up, Inside Out and Bridge to Terabithia while creating its own unique ride.


Hanna (Amazon Prime Video)

Amazon Prime unveiled the trailer for Hanna, its new action series based on the 2011 cinematic thriller of the same name. The show features Esme Creed-Miles as the talented young assassin, and yes, it looks every bit as exciting and unnerving as the original to see this title tyke break out so many skilled fighting moves. Amazon Prime Video will unveil the first episode of Hanna to subscribers right after the big game on Sunday, but only for a limited time of 24 hours. The full season debuts in March.

Check back for more trailers.