Whatever you do, don't drop your reading glasses, because it's time to go deep on The Twilight Zone.

Jordan Peele's updated take on Rod Serling's timeless sci-fi anthology debuted Monday with two new episodes, luring viewers back into the middle ground between science and superstition. In the series premiere, titled "The Comedian," Kumail Nanjiani played a stand-up comic who made a risky deal to get ahead in his career, only to be faced with consequences he never saw coming. "Nightmare at 30,000 Feet," a remake of a classic original-series episode, starred Adam Scott as an anxious journalist who began to suspect that his flight was doomed, even if no one else on board was willing to believe him.

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TV Guide teamed up with CNET to break down the first two episodes of the series and debrief on the reboot as a whole. Did it live up to the hype for longtime fans of the franchise? Is the show accessible to newbies? Check out the video above -- be aware: it contains spoilers -- for our complete reaction, straight from the fifth dimension.

New episodes of The Twilight Zone are available Thursdays on CBS All Access starting April 11.

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The Twilight Zone, CBS All Access

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