To call Netflix's first teaser for Lucifer Season 4 a sizzle reel would be an understatement.

The streaming service has revealed its first look at Tom Ellis' resurrection as Lucifer Morningstar. In the teaser, he emerges from a pool with a glass of bourbon in all his muscled-out hedonism before the words "He is risen" appear onscreen. In addition to making everyone thirsty as hell, the teaser also reveals that the series will arrive on its new home on Wednesday, May 8.

In the new season, Lucifer will be grappling with the return of the "original sinner" Eve, and she may or may not be looking for revenge for all that Garden of Eden tricksy business from so long ago. Meanwhile, he will continue to deal with the fallout from Chloe (Lauren German) seeing his devil face.

Netflix rescued Lucifer from the afterlife after Fox canceled the series last spring, citing its declining audience.

Cleverly, the streaming service waited to announce the premiere date of Season 4 until exactly 666 hours before its arrival.

Lucifer Season 4 arrives on Netflix on May 8.

Lauren German and Tom Ellis, Lucifer

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