There are plenty of cultural divides that exist between Americans and the French, but frustrations with TSA at the airport is not one of them. It just might be harder when you're Huge in France.

TV Guide has an exclusive clip from the Netflix comedy starring French comedian Gad Elmaleh. In the first look, Gad arrives in the United States on an open-ended trip to see his family, but when he tells TSA that he doesn't have a return date, he gets flagged. And nothing good ever comes from being flagged.

Gad tries to explain that he's the Jerry Seinfeld of France, with a very fancy trailer for his stadium comedy show, but that doesn't matter much when no one knows who you are in the United States, which is the crux of the entire series. It can't even get him out of a cavity search, which just goes to show that celebs, even the French ones, are just like us!

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Huge in France premieres Friday, April 12 on Netflix.

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