It looks like Tom Selleck's sweet mustache will remain gainfully employed. CBS has renewed cop drama Blue Bloods for Season 10, with Selleck set to return -- which means those awesome upper-lip whiskers will be sticking around onscreen for a while longer. Call your parents, because they must be over the moon about this news.

Selleck stars on Blue Bloods as Frank Reagan, New York Police Commissioner and patriarch of a multigenerational family of police officers. This elite crop of law enforcement officials includes eldest son Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), a war veteran and a hardened detective who likes to bend the rules to crack his toughest cases, and Erin (Bridget Moynahan), who, as the only woman in the group, developed a thick skin which that makes her an adept assistant district attorney. There's also the resident "golden boy," Jamie (Will Estes), who graduated from Harvard Law -- but rather than become an attorney, he gave that all up to continue the family's tradition of working in law enforcement.

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With Blue Bloods set to enter its 10th season this fall, the show will also reach a huge milestone: its 200th episode. It's an impressive feat when you consider that the series airs on Friday nights, which is generally a dead zone for network shows. Kudos!

In addition, CBS has also renewed Young Sheldon, God Friended Me, Mom, FBI, Criminal Minds, The Neighborhood, Magnum P.I. and NCIS for another season.

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Tom Selleck, Blue Bloods

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