The yearly Arrowverse crossover event has become a staple of The CW, but this year is going to be a particularly epic one since it will be the last to incorporate Arrow, the flagship show of the franchise.

Arrow's final season will include the 2019 crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and though it's still very early days, we have a few teases about what's to come thanks to the hints and spoilers dropped here and there in Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash, as well as in last year's Elseworlds crossover. Here is everything we know so far about the epic TV event.

All five Arrowverse shows will take part. Yep, you read that right. Crisis will be a five-part crossover event with Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and newcomer Batwoman all airing episodes.

Black Lightning will also participate. When Black Lightning premiered, one of the things that stood out about the series was the fact it wasn't part of the interconnected Arrowverse. Now that's changing. The CW announced in August at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that cast members fromthe series will appear in the crossover for the first time. Unfortunately, we don't know yet which cast members will be crossing over.

It will premiere this fall. The Arrowverse crossover event has historically aired in the fall. At the CW's Upfront presentation in May, network president Mark Pedowitz confirmed Crisis on Infinite Earths would kick off in December but conclude after the midseason break. Then, in August, The CW confirmed the crossover will kick off with Supergirl on Sunday, Dec. 8 at 8/7c. It will continue on Batwoman on Monday, Dec. 9 and The Flash on Tuesday, Dec. 10. After the network's traditional winter break, during which no new episodes will air, the crossover will pick up again on Tuesday, Jan. 14 with a new episode of Arrow at 8 p.m. before concluding with DC's Legends of Tomorrow at 9/8c.

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Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will die to save the multi-verse. In the Arrow Season 7 finale, we finally discovered the price of the deal Oliver made with the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) in Elseworlds. He told Oliver that the crisis would claim his life, and in Arrow's flash-forwards, we saw Oliver's headstone with his death dated in 2019.

Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards, Arrow

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It will not serve as the Arrow series finale. Arrow's final season will only consist of 10 episodes, but the crossover episode will be the eighth episode of the season, which means there will be two more episodes afterward.

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We'll learn about Barry's (Grant Gustin) mysterious disappearance in the future. In The Flash pilot, a headline from the future revealed the Flash vanishes in a "crisis," but we don't know much beyond that. Executive producer Todd Helbing revealed we may finally get some answers about Barry's disappearance in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

"We've certainly been teasing [the headline] a long time, but it's a major factor in next year's crossover," Helbing said.

This seemed to be confirmed again with The Flash's Season 5 finale, which saw the future headline change its date from 2024 down to 2019 in the final bonus scene.

The Flash

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Brandon Routh will suit up as Superman. Tyler Hoechlin, who plays the Man of Steel on Supergirl, will suit up again for the crossover -- but he won't be the only Superman in the house. Brandon Routh -- known in the Arrowverse as Legends of Tomorrow's Ray -- will also be playing Superman in a different time frame. Routh, who last wore the cape in the 2006 film Superman Returns, tweeted that he was "still pinching himself." In addition to playing Clark Kent, he will also play Ray in the crossover event.

LaMonica Garrett will play the Anti-Monitor. Though we've only seen him as the Monitor thus far, Garrett will suit up as his brother, the Anti-Monitor, the major villain of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Marc Guggenheim tweeted the news of this double-up Arrowverse casting at San Diego Comic-Con.

@lamonicagarrett© will be playing the Anti-Monitor in #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths. Concept art:

— Marc Guggenheim (@mguggenheim) July 21, 2019

Tom Cavanagh will take on a new role too! The Flash showrunner Eric Wallance revealed during the show's San Diego Comic-Con panel that in addition to playing the Reverse Flash and a new version of Harrison Wells on this season of The Flash, Cavanagh would also play a new character, Pariah. In canon, Pariah is actually a scientist from an alternate universe that sets the Anti-Monitor loose on the multi-verse.

Elizabeth Tulloch will return as Lois Lane. Entertainment Weekly reports that Elizabeth Tulloch will reprise her role as Lois Lane from last year's crossover, Elseworlds. Not only that, but we'll also apparently meet the child she has with Superman!

There will be more scenes involving Batwoman and Supergirl: One of the most empowering moments of the 2018 crossover was the team-up between Batwoman (Ruby Rose) and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist). Ruby Rose revealed during the Batwoman panel at the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Sunday, Aug. 4 that there will be more of those scenes in Crisis. "I do believe there will be more of that," Rose said before getting the "watch it" signal from the show's executive producers. "They could potentially do more work together in the crossovers."

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