Black Mirror is one of those shows you either love or you hate. A meditation on our relationship with technology, the sci-fi anthology series created by Charlie Brooker has won six Emmys and has been nominated for 83 industry awards total. At its heights, the show explores complicated subjects like free will, the tools we use to manipulate others, and the consequences of those actions. And at it's lowest, it's schlocky sci-fi and horror tropes arranged via Mad Libs.

Every Black Mirror Episode Ranked from Worst to Best

Luckily for Black Mirror stans, the series' highs are well worth weathering the lows: "San Junipero", one of the greatest queer love stories of our time, and "USS Callister", a pitch-perfect send-up of the misogyny inherent in old school fanboys, deserve every accolade they were showered with. Black Mirror isn't just cutting edge in its storytelling, however, it also was Netflix's first experiment in the interactive choose-your-adventure format for adults. Bandersnatch is one interactive movie, but also dozens of episodes in one. The episode lets you dictate the choices of a young programmer who is slowly influenced to murder. The joy of the format is quickly revealed when you have a much harder time picking out the lead's breakfast choice than the way in which he gets rid of a body.

Here's where you can catch up on this iconic sci-fi show:

Is Black Mirror on Netflix?

Um, yes, obviously! Black Mirror is a Netflix Original, which means its exclusive to the streaming service. Steal your significant other's mom's second husband's password and get to streaming. There are 21 episodes, plus one interactive movie to catch up on -- with Season 5 having just dropped in June 2019.

Is Black Mirror on iTunes?

Yep! But only in non-American markets, and you have to pay for it, so steal a Netflix password instead.

Is Black Mirror on Amazon Prime?

Yep! But only via DVD and Blu-ray, and again, in non-American playback regions. (This means that the box set you buy won't be compatible with American DVD and Blu-ray players.) Again, why bother if you have a Netflix password handy?

Is Black Mirror on Hulu?

Absolutely not.

Black Mirror is now streaming on Netflix.

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