Stranger Things 3 might be David Harbour's biggest release of the week, but the first trailer for his other project with Netflix might just be the weirdest.

The streaming service has revealed a first look at Frankenstein's Monster, Monster Frankenstein, and it's clear that he and the filmmakers of this thing are just having some fun with this oddball mockumentary.

Harbour stars as himself as he searches through found footage of his legendary father's theatrical pursuits (note: his real dad is neither named David Harbour Jr. nor a part of the thespian community) in a made-for-TV play. This means he'll get to dress up in low-budget Shakespearian costumery with VHS-grade video quality in some scenes, and play the downtrodden son with so many questions in others.

From the preview, this thing will be completely bonkers and possibly even senseless, but, hey, if you're looking to fill that David Harbour void after you're done with Stranger Things 3, at least there'll be something new soon enough.

Frankenstein's Monster, Monster Frankenstein hits Netflix on July 16.

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David Harbour, Stranger Things

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