From the beginning, Stranger Things has been comfort food for fans of the '80s. Although it offers its own unique narrative, the show has hinged on its ability to borrow from and build upon pieces of entertainment from the past, from Eleven's (Millie Bobby Brown) Firestarter-style telekinesis to Mike Wheeler's (Finn Wolfhard) group emulating the Loser's Club from Stephen King's It to scenes that directly mimic some of the most iconic movie moments of the era.

Stranger Things 3 Review: The Perfect American Summer Escape

Stranger Things 3 is certainly not breaking that mold -- if anything, the new season leans even harder into the pop culture references game with some more overt references that even have a commercial effect at times (we meet again, New Coke).

In the gallery below, we'll take a look at all of the major references we noticed in Stranger Things' third season, from the most obvious call-outs to the subtler homages to classic cinema and other cultural relics.

PHOTOS: All of Stranger Things 3's Pop Culture References

Joe Keery, Stranger Things 3

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