The CW's upcoming Riverdale spin-off Katy Keene will be quite a bit lighter in tone than the original series, but as much as it shies away from cultists and big scary attack bears, Katy Keene still has something in common with Riverdale -- chiefly, the connections between the characters.

TV Guide spoke with Lucy Hale, who plays aspiring fashion designer Katy Keene, and Ashleigh Murray, who reprises her role as singer Josie McCoy, about their characters' relationships with the people back in Riverdale. When asked which characters they'd most like to see make a cameo on the new show, one name made it to both of their wish lists: Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes)!

"I think it's mentioned that Katy and Veronica are friends, so I think Veronica popping on by would be fun," said Hale.

In addition to Veronica, Murray also thinks there's some serious potential to bring a few other Riverdale favorites to the Big Apple.

Katy Keene Won't Be Haunted by Riverdale's Gargoyle Kings and Black Hoods

"Kevin [Casey Cott], definitely. He's really big into musical theater, and where else would you go for a wonderful time in musical theater other than New York?" Murray said. "And I actually think it would be kind of fun if Archie showed up in New York. Mostly because I want to see KJ [Apa] with his beard ... I know he loves it so it'd be kind of nice if he could show up and be grown Archie and go for pizza."

The actresses also chatted about what it would be like for the characters of Katy Keene to make their way to Riverdale.

"None of them have any idea what it's like to be in a small town," Murray quipped. "And especially with people who probably only change their clothes once a day at the most? Like daytime to pajamas? As a New Yorker, I know you have your daytime look, and then you have your evening look, and then you have your pajamas. That's three outfits right there in a day, so packing is gonna be ridiculous. I think just bringing those three to a smaller, slower pace of life would be really funny to see."

Katy Keene premieres at midseason on The CW.

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Ashleigh Murray, Lucy Hale, Katy Keene

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