The Masked Singer made the Eagle spread his wings and soar somewhere else Wednesday, revealing celebrity shrink and addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky beneath the costume. Pinsky, who actually has a background in music, couldn't nail the rock anthems he was handed including ""I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)."

In an interview with TV Guide, Pinsky explained how he felt cooing in the costume and how The Masked Singer drove him way, way out of his comfort zone, including fibbing to his own children.

Sorry you got eliminated.
Pinsky: I've been saying I felt like Terry Bradshaw last year. You want to hang around, it's so much fun, but it's stressful.

Why'd you choose an eagle?
Pinsky: You don't choose the costume; it's a little bit of a collaboration. Strangely though, I was on a call with the producers, and I had an eagle in mind. I sing the national anthem at sporting events, so I was thinking anthemic, Americana, and an eagle came to mind. The producers said eagle and I said, 'Perfect.' Then in rehearsing I had some vocal problems... I had to go to an ENT and found out I needed a laser but I didn't have time to. I was preparing all this (Frank) Sinatra, (Michael) Bublé if I moved forward.

How much music experience do you have? I read that your mom was a singer.
Pinsky: I used to sing operas when I was a kid. I kept training right through residency. I never did anything with it, and I thought it would be fun. I'm losing my voice as I get older, and I figured I don't have much time left so I might as well. I sing classical music and musicals. Going into rock anthems was a complete departure. I was out of my element. I had to figure out [how] to sing it. Had I got through, next would've been [Def Leppard's] "Pour Some Sugar On Me."

Was the security really as intense as the show makes it sound?
Pinsky: You constantly have to lie to your family. You wear these crazy hoodies. If someone says your name when they come to set, it's a huge deal. One of my sons -- I have triplets, 27 -- had to sign an NDA [non-disclosure agreement]. I was having vocal coaches come to the house two or three times a week. I couldn't keep up the lie three times a week. My wife knew, but we had to lie to our other kids. My son will find out tonight at dinner; we're just going to play it in the background. He's a singer too, he went to conservatory. One time, we were watching TV and a commercial for it came on. We were watching my character and my wife kind of poked me and gave me a look. He said, "What? Are you thinking about going on that show or something?"

People have said being on the show is almost like a spiritual experience, because it takes them out of their self and allows them to become something else. Is that true?
Pinsky: 110 percent. It's like the cloak of invisibility. You take on this character and the character in turn drives you... it's wild. It opened me up a little bit more, maybe. Maybe made me a little more flexible. To say the idea of me doing rock pieces is a stretch is an understatement.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.

The Masked Singer

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