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Here is GateHouse News Service content related to Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aaron’s home run record. Stories listed here are available now at www.gatehousenewsservice.com.

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Stories written pre-record and can be used immediately. If used when he ties or breaks record, minor adjustments to content will be needed.


NADEL: HR record: Cherished, yes; enduring, no
Hank Aaron's home-run total -- 755! -- has been called the most cherished, most hallowed, most important, most precious, most prized, most respected, most revered and most treasured record in sports. Writers with access to the best thesauruses no doubt have come up with other "mosts," too.
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NADEL: Milestone homers aren’t what they used to be
Maybe it's that the Home Run King-to-be is about as likable as raw sewage, as demonstrated Tuesday night by chants of "Cheater!" and "Barry Sucks!" during Barry Bonds' pinch-hitting appearance at Wrigley Field.
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LADEWSKI: Here’s what to do with Bonds’ record HR ball
Never will something worth so much mean so little than the baseball that Barry Bonds hits for his 756th career home run. It’s like the Hope diamond dipped in toxic waste, Kelly Clarkson with laryngitis, the Grand Canyon without a view.
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LADEWSKI: You sure you want the HR record, Bonds?
The single-season and career home run records are reputed to be the King Kong and Godzilla of athletic achievements, the kind that produce numbers that need-a-lifers can recite better than the birthdates of their wives and girlfriends.
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CALL: Fans will care about Bonds’ record-breaker, but not for long
In 72 hours, it will all be over. Be glad for this.
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Teen baseball purist comes up with Barry good idea
19-year-old biz kid creates Bonds/BALCO T-shirt to express his disgust with Barry and performance-enhancing drugs. Marblehead Reporter. With ART.
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EDITORIAL: New record not even worth an asterisk
Sometime this week, one of baseball's most hallowed milestones -- Hank Aaron's home run record -- could be broken by someone whose name will not appear in this editorial because the evidence is persuasive that he doesn't deserve the recognition. Peoria Journal Star
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EDITORIAL: Maris should be among the gods
With Barry Bonds just two home runs shy of Hank Aaron's career mark of 755 after hitting a pair Thursday and two more immortals set to be inducted in Cooperstown next weekend, it's time to right a longtime wrong: Roger Maris belongs in the Hall of Fame. Patriot Ledger
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GRANLUND: Bonds vs. Aaron
Dave Granlund on how Barry Bonds stands vs. Hank Aaron.
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Dave Granlund comparing Bonds’ record homer with Homer Simpson.
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BRITT: Bonds Record
Chris Britt on Ruth and Aaron in relation to Bonds.
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GRANLUND: Bonds Illustration
Dave Granlund with illustration showing Bonds pumped up on steroids.
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