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WAKE UP CALL! Seafood angles on the oil spill

JEAN HODGES: Try these community profile ideas


JULY FAMILY COMING SOON: The 24-page magazine contains stories on lawn games, swimming safety and National Blueberry Month recipes. Look for it here.

READER CALLOUT: Get readers' memories on the first day of summer


BLAGOJEVICH CONTENT: Looking for photos, 'toons and more on former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich? Check out these links.


FATHERS DAY 2010: Our collection of Father's Day pages, reader callouts, columns and more. If your newspaper is planning coverage, please submit it through Zope or e-mail

HOME HELP: Enhance your home with architectural details -- Weekly home rail, with items on different architectural details, how to spruce up a picture frame, the importance of functionality in home design, and more.

THE BEER NUT: Boston celebrates great beers -- Boston, a city full of beer lovers and great bars, kicks off a week of celebrations Friday with the first Boston Beer Week. By Norman Miller of The MetroWest Daily News.

CHERYL MILLER: Universal garden rules -- The most prolific plants in the garden are the ones you didn’t put (and don’t want) there.

LOST IN SUBURBIA: A tale of two turkeys -- Clearly the wild turkey that was standing in the middle of the road had not heard about the squirrel I recently ran over with my car, or he might have moved at a slightly faster pace. However, this turkey seemed in no hurry to go anywhere ... but I was. By Tracy Beckerman.

FRANK MULLIGAN: It's a dog-eat-dog yard -- It’s disconcerting to walk out of your home first thing on a Monday morning to find an enormous Siberian husky standing between you and your car.


5 THINGS: 5 Things to Do This Weekend -- This week’s suggestions: Watch the World Cup, catch the Tony Awards, head to the theater for “The Karate Kid” or “The A-Team,” celebrate National Flag Week and bite in to Corn on the Cob Day.

BOOK NOTES: 'Under the eye of Kali' by Susan Oleksiw -- Beverly author Susan Oleksiw’s “Under the Eye of Kali” gives us the very likable, intelligent and amusing Anita Ray, an Indian-American-photographer living over a garage at her Auntie Meena’s Hotel Delite in southern India. By Rae Francoeur of the Cape Ann Beacon.

JULIA SPITZ: Leave He-Man and Smurfs in the past -- Mom had big hair, Dad wore Jordache jeans, and Madonna was as hot as Ms. Pac Man. Those '80s were gnarly bad to the max, fer shur, and apparently Hollywood is stoked to bring back the tubular times in the name of family entertainment.


GRANLUND CARTOON: Celebrating Flag Day

GRANLUND CARTOON: Less money for mosquito control


DAVE RAMSEY: Real estate agent vs. for sale by owner -- Weekly financial Q&A, with advice on selling your home and buying a new car.

DEBIT CARDS: When you swipe that card, it costs more than you think -- The use of credit and debit cards is getting more expensive, and federal officials have joined the fray when it comes to consumer prices, retail practices and corporate profits. By Melissa Westphal of the Rockford Register Star.