Fowler Post Office is on a 6-month lease, it still has to request from Washington to renew that lease every 6 months.  And the US Postal Service is looking to close down those facilities that operate with 6 month leases. Fowle is on that list due to its status, but since it has town delivery, it will make it harder to close.

Garry Mattox, Real Estate Specialist with the U.S. Postal Service, said that Fowler's post office is considered "temporary" due to its status because of the emergency move.


Mattox says, “It is a matter of money. If they get someone coming in with a new location to lease at the present amount now being paid, they don’t have the money for the move. The lessor would have to take care of that. We can not build a new facility for the same reason, Washington is cutting back, not paying out for new locations or building new facilities.”

Mattox went on to say that these problems are being brought on by people not buying stamps. So many people are using the internet to stay connected, that it is hurting the postal service. The U.S. Postal Service stands to lose $238 billion in the next 10 years, if congress does not let us try to figure out ways to reduce cost.” Mattox went on to say “that times change, if the postal service keeps on losing money, they will take other action. Which means that even a “main” post office could be closed.”