Another new business has joined the Fowler community.
As of Friday, June 17, Highway 50 Auto is open for business. The new business is located at 513 U.S. Highway 50 in Fowler, directly north of Phat Willy’s Diner.
This day was especially unique for owners Eduardo and Mary Garcia of Ordway, as they celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary and the opening and closing day of their past restaurant, Garcia’s, in Olney Springs.
Mary Garcia, wife of mechanic Edward, was elated about the opening. When asked what their reasoning was for opening, she replied, “ I felt like there was a need in the community for our services, and we wanted to fill the need.” They realized there was a calling for this type of business after receiving calls for Eduardo’s mechanic expertise.
The couple contacted Bill Dutro of the Small Business Development Center to establish a business.
The SBDC is available to help entrepreneurs start and expand their small businesses in Colorado.  SBDC offers individual, free, and confidential management consulting.  For more information contact Dutro at (719) 384-6959.
The Garcia family has lived in the Arkansas Valley for 10 years, and they love it here. Previously owning a restaurant has helped them get to know several people from each of the surrounding communities.
Garcia and his partner Paul Shaw, formerly from Pueblo West, have over fifty years of automotive experience. They have worked together for many years, and work very well together. This dynamic duo can fix anything from farming equipment to bicycles. Some of their distinguished services include installing new engines, regular tune-ups, steering and suspension, shocks and struts, fixing flats, working on batteries, and oil changes, which are being done for $28 for their considered “neighbors”, which include all of the Fowler residents.
Business hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., but they are flexible. If these hours do not fit with your schedule, they will be happy to accommodate you.
Paul lives right next to the shop, making it easy to work odd hours. They also, if need be, can pick up your vehicle and bring it back to you for your convenience.
Mary had great things to say about the community and all the support they have received. She was especially thankful for the First National Bank’s assistance in their opening and all of their banking needs. She expressed her gratitude in their continued support of the community and their business by personally overseeing their progress.
In closing, Mary was happy to give a tour and show the four bays, as well as her children’s “hang out” that they have set up for summer days and after-school hours when they will be spending time at the shop.
“We want to give back to the community, because they have done so much for us. It’s the best place to raise children and we are blessed to be here,” said Mrs. Garcia.
You may visit their business at 513 Highway 50 West, Fowler, call at (719) 263-4447, or email at and they will be happy to serve your every auto need!