From Aurora to Dopey, the Mad Hatter and Cinderella, Once Upon a Time has no shortage of classic characters to mine as inhabitants of Storybrooke and fairy tale land, which is why turned to the fans to find out which characters they'd like to see on the ABC fantasy drama next.

Once Upon a Time Gallery: The 10 characters fans want to see - and who should play them  

Most of your picks ran the gamut of Disney characters - even Darkwing Duck got a nod! - but a familiar face from the Land of Oz snuck into the top 10 list. We decided to throw our own casting suggestions for each of the characters chosen since we're dying to see Friday Night Light's Taylor Kitsch and Lost's Josh Holloway make their way to Storybrooke. As which characters, you ask? You'll have to check out our gallery of the 10 characters fans want to see on Once Upon a Time to find out.

Disagree with our casting choices? Sound off in the comments with your own!

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