An Olney Springs man has been arrested for forged documents.

Michael Don Mangus, 34, of Olney Springs, Colorado was in custody in the Otero County Jail Friday on a charge of forgery, a class five felony, and possession of forged documents. On March 5, 2013, a concerned citizen contacted the Sheriff's Office and brought in a permit that had allegedly been supplied by Mr. Mangus. On the afternoon of March 7, 2013 the Otero County Sheriff's Office acting on a citizen tip intercepted Mr. Mangus in La Junta as he was in the process of delivering more of the false concealed handgun permits. Concealed handgun permits are only issued by the Sheriff's Offices in Colorado. No one else is authorized by law to issue. If someone is in possession of one of these bogus permits and is carrying a firearm, they should stop carrying immediately and contact their local law enforcement agency. Fraudulent permits have been found in both Otero and Crowley Counties. Deputy Joe Schueller is investigating.