Moore cabin back in Fowler

The Fowler Historical Society and Museum has been bustling with activity this past week. The Boy Scouts from Troop 213 of Fowler are reassembling the cabin of pioneer Jackie Moore. The cabin was located on the north bank of the Arkansas River just 1,000 feet from the Pikes Peak branch of the Santa Fe Trail, on the property of Burrell Smith who ran one of many way stations. 1884 Jackie Moore purchased the way station prior. The way station was a mail stop and place where immigrants stopped to refresh themselves in the shade of the trees, back then it was a mere stream. The logs were of cottonwood that grew along the river. The scouts have numbered and placed each log to be joined together. The cabin has wooden doors on each side and windows on the east and west wall. The cabin is an asset to the Fowler community. Please view from a safe distance and stop by the museum to inquire more about the Jackie Moore Cabin Project.