Regardless of what you think of Facebook, it's one of the the most popular social networking sites in the world.  

And regardless of what you think of Mark Zuckerberg, he's the one who built the company into the behemoth that it is today. 

These quotes exemplify how Facebook became so massive and why Zuck was the guy to make it happen.

On his early passion: "I got my first computer in the 6th grade or so. As soon as I got it, I was interested in finding out how it worked and how the programs worked and then figuring out how to write programs at just deeper and deeper levels within the system."


On Facebook's real founding history: "I mean, the real story is actually probably pretty boring, right? I mean, we just sat at our computers for six years and coded."


On relevance: "A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa."


On Facebook's purpose: "The question isn't, 'What do we want to know about people?', It's, 'What do people want to tell about themselves?'"


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