A campaign staffer's 12-year-old daughter made a extremely dramatic ad for New Jersey congressional hopeful Donald Norcross. According to the Norcross campaign, the ad was made in just 20 minutes on her iPhone.

The commercial was posted on Donald Norcross's official campaign account Tuesday where it was appropriately described as a "movie trailer." It includes a montage of photos, dramatic music, and even ending credits.

Norcross campaign spokesman Ken Shuttleworth told Business Insider the ad was made by Olivia Ayscue, 12, of Haddon Heights, New Jersey. Olivia's father is the veteran Garden State political operative Steve Ayscue. 

"She used file photography easily found on line and just played around till she was satisfied," Shuttleworth said in an email to Business Insider. "Her parents are active supporters of Donald Norcross and have been for years. In fact, her dad is a member of the campaign staff  and made sure it was incorporated into the website."

The elder Ayscue was clearly proud of his daughter's work. He trumpeted the video in a post on Facebook earlier this week. 

"My Olivia made this ad from her iPhone," Ayscue wrote. "Not bad for 12 years old without a production crew, huh?"

Norcross, a state senator, labor leader, and brother of powerful South Jersey power broker George Norcross, is running to replace retiring Democratic Congressman Rob Andrews.

View the ad below:

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