Dots, the game that hit 1 million downloads last year within a week of launching, now has a sequel.

Enter TwoDots. 

Unlike the original, TwoDots takes you on an adventure with two main characters, Amelia and Jacques. It's up to you to help them navigate through 85 levels.

The first version of Dots had just one level that you'd play over and over again in order to beat your high score. The goal was to connect as many dots within a minute and try to beat your high score.

Upon playing the game for the first time, it feels a bit like Candy Crush Saga in that you have to complete a certain number of objectives in a set number of moves. 

"One of my biggest hopes for TwoDots is that it teaches players how to improve over the course of the game," TwoDots lead designer David Hohusen told Business Insider via email. "Like Dots, TwoDots rewards skill and thinking ahead."

Earlier this month, Dots partnered with ecommerce company Alibaba to launch its game on Alibaba's mobile gaming platform. 

You can download the free app here. TwoDots will be available for Android later this year.

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