Wade Clemmensen, six, was mauled by an adopted dog on March 13, 2015.

Wade Clemmensen, six, was mauled by an adopted dog on March 13, 2015. He was immediately taken to the Children’s Hospital in Denver where he stayed for a total of four days. He was then released to go home where he struggled to remain healthy before attempting to return to school a month later.

Fetch is the game most often played by children and their dogs and most of the time, seems harmless. However on this dreadful day, it was not. Michele Clemmensen, mother of Wade, was inside making dinner and occasionally checking on her son who was in the yard playing with the dogs. 

She was surprised when Lacey, sister of Wade, and Barry, father of Wade, came in the front door asking where Wade was. She replied that he was in the front yard playing with the dogs. 

When running outside to look for him, he was nowhere in sight. They yelled and yelled while continuing to search and Michele finally heard her little boy screaming from the ravine. “Momma help me, I’m over here!” 

When they got to him the dog was still mauling him and he was fighting back strong. Michele got there first and attempted to throw the 100 lb. dog off of her boy, getting bit in the process. 

Wade was in critical condition and was taken to Parkview Medical Center and immediately transferred to Children’s Hospital in Denver. 

There he received extensive medical treatment as well as over 800 stitches. The road to recovery is a long one, and they are not halfway through yet. 

Although Wade was released from the hospital after four days of stay, he spent a month at home away from school with intense pain and emotional trauma. 

The return to school has also been difficult with fatigue and infections that are reoccurring. 

Wade also has paralysis on the left side of his face and function of that area has yet been ruled to return. Checkups are still a regular in this family’s routine and medical bills are extensive.

Passion 4 K.I.D.S. (Kids In Desperate Situations) is a non-profit charity dealing with handicapped, neglected, abandoned, abused and underprivileged children of any race, color and creed as well as children in acute, life-threatening, emergency situations in the United States. 

Through the mission “To dedicate ourselves to glorify and honor God for His many blessings to us by making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable and precious of His creation – children” they wish to assist this family in need.

Passion 4 kids has reached out and will be collecting money for the Clemmensen family to help deplete the cost of their rising bills. To donate to this family in need you can go to the website www.passion4kids.org/donate.html and type Wade Clemmensen into the purpose box.