Tri-County Family Care Center staff Front Row: Joann Jaramillo. Vanessa Garcia, Sarah Dillon, Marcellia Lopez-Flores, Jocelyn CastanedaBack Row: Lisa Vigil, Dorothy Mason, RoseMarie Garcia-Shiflett, Harriet Menning, Sally DellingerNot Pictured: Brent Cox [COURTESY PHOTO]


Tri-County Family Care Center (TCFCC) completed 25 years in business as of May 5, 2020. Sarah Dillon, Founder and Executive Director established the Family Center on May 5, 1995, and opened an office at 409 S. Main, Rocky Ford in January, 1996. In 2008, there was a fire next door and the center suffered smoke damage making it necessary to leave. They were able to move into the North side of Dr. Herbert Mameda’s Dental office, where Dan Hyatt, Attorney At Law office, had vacated three years prior. TCFCC has been at 512 N. Main since then.

TCFCC began as a Resource and Referral agency and coordinates twelve programs and multiple services. We network with other agencies to assist people in getting the help and support they need. Our agency is not a crisis center for life threatening situations. We serve as a networking and coordinating center to connect the various services and resources for better utilization by the community. TCFCC educates and empowers families and individuals to maintain stability through life skill programs, service and support to gain self-reliance.

The following programs are provided by TCFCC and coordinated by its staff:

Bright By Three, Parents As Teachers (PAT), Building Family Strengths, Colorado Community

Response (CCR), Family Support Services (FSS), H.A.P.P.E.E (Health Advocacy Parent Partnership Education & Empowerment), Car Seat/Traffic Safety, Reducing Exposure to 2nd Hand Smoke and Youth Access to Tobacco. We offer budgeting and parenting classes, case management, assist with Medicaid and food stamp applications, and utility assistance, from Energy Outreach Colorado funds. Find the Arkansas Valley Resource Guide on our website:

TCFCC has acquired many collaborating partners, throughout the 25 years and is a member of the Family Resource Center Association, which has 32 members statewide. TCFCC is the only Family Center in the Southeast region of the state. We have served more than 10,500 people, since 2000! The number increases each year of individuals and families accessing referrals, educational opportunities and support.

Following are the staff and how many years they have worked: Sarah Dillon, Executive Director (25 yrs.), Marcellia Lopez-Flores, PAT Supervisor (18 yrs.), Lisa Vigil, CCR Coordinator (10 yrs), Dorothy Mason, Financial Assistant (8 yrs.), Jocelyn Castaneda, PAT Educator (2 yrs), Vanessa Garcia, PAT Educator (1 yr.), JoAnn Jaramillo, Family Advocate (1 yrs.), Harriet Menning, Office Support (1 yr.), Sally Montoya Dellinger, PAT Educator, (6 months after a 2 year break from an 8 year span), Rose Marie Garcia-Shiflett, Family Advocate, (5 months) and Brent Cox, contracted Occupant Protection Safety Instructor (15 yrs.).

Board Members are: Albert Davis, Chairman, Cindy Cowan, Vice Chairman, Steven Cordova, Scott Allen, John Dell, Marty Lee and Carol Segura.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, an Anniversary reception will be held at a later date. Also, we have canceled our annual fundraiser: Cruisin’ Into Summer Festival and “Keep Kids Safe” Fair, which was going to be on Saturday, June 1, 2020. For more information or if you need assistance, call 254-7776, come to 512 N. Main or email

For now, our door is closed, but we can help by phone. Intake forms are available in our foyer area or on our website: Return them to us and we will contact you.