And so ends one of the dumbest HOH reigns in Big Brother history.

After Fessy won HOH, he wound up targeting one of his own allies, Scottie, thanks to some clever manipulation by JC, Brett and the rest of Level 6 (and thanks, of course, to Fessy's own ineptitude and jealousy over Scottie's relationship with Haleigh). Scottie didn't do himself any favors, though, when he attempted to save himself by throwing his closest friend in the house under the bus. First, Scottie had Sam go to Fessy and suggest he nominate Haleigh in exchange for her quitting smoking. Then Scottie suggested Haleigh go on the block, calling her "Kaitlyn 2.0." (In Scottie's interview with Julie, he claimed that his plan all along was to put a target on Sam, but that makes zero sense given his own actions.)

Once Scottie saw the writing on the wall, he accepted his fate and just began plotting his potential return, presuming there would be a Battle Back this season since Kaitlyn couldn't manage to complete a seven-piece puzzle. And Scottie's right; there will be a Battle Back next week in which Scottie, Rockstar, Bayleigh and whoever is sent packing next will compete for the chance to return to the game.

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So if Scottie does return, will he take aim at Fes? And what does the "duck" think of Fessy's mind boggling decision to evict his own ally. TV Guide spoke with the third member of the BB jury about all this and more.

What's it feel like knowing you were the first unanimous vote of the season?
Scottie: Not surprising. I knew I was the target. I kinda figured after I lost that veto I would get knocked out unanimously. I wasn't in the in group. I was a wild card and they were scared of what I might do, so goodbye Scottie.

If your plan all along really was to have Sam throw Haleigh's name out to Fessy so that he would target Sam, why would you then suggest to Fessy that he put Haleigh up?
Scottie: Because I kind of changed my mind that night. I went to bed and was laying there, and thought, "this isn't going to work." So I came up with a new plan. In my brain, it was still a good plan, it wasn't a bad idea. But my execution was poor. I 100 percent made a mistake, I hate waking people up -- I think its rude and disgusting -- but I should have woken Haleigh up and asked her to talk to me and told her my plan. I probably should have told her what was going on.

Do you think that if you hadn't confessed to Fessy that you have feelings for Haleigh, he might have been more willing to try and keep you safe?
Scottie: Never crossed my mind. If I find out he kept me on the block because I like Haleigh, I will be livid. I never ever thought it was a possibility.

Haleigh and Fessy have been in power the past two weeks, but once again an ally of theirs was evicted instead of someone from the other side of the house. Why do you think that is -- bad luck, stupidity or a mix of both?
Scottie: Stupidity. Fess because he directly put an ally on the block. Haleigh because Rockstar gave Tyler the answer. And I should have gotten the hacker competition that week, I was so close.

In the history of boneheaded Big Brother decisions, where do you think Fessy targeting an ally at this stage of the game you ranks?
Scottie: If he isn't in an outside alliance that was trying to get me out and he targeted me for no reason, this is the stupidest thing. It doesn't make any sense. If he sacrificed me because of jealousy or something from Week 2, he is genuinely an idiot.

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