Due to lack of candidates the Town of Fowler clerk canceled the upcoming municipal election; fewer candidates than positions applied.

Mayor’s Consent Agenda announcement

A Consent Agenda is contained in this meeting agenda. The consent agenda is designed to assist making the meeting shorter and more efficient. Items left on the Consent Agenda may not be discussed when the Consent Agenda comes before the Board of Trustees. If any Trustee wishes to discuss a Consent Agenda item, please tell me now and I will remove the item from the Consent Agenda and place it in an appropriate place on the meeting agenda so it can be discussed when that item is taken up by the Board. Does any Trustee request removal of a Consent Agenda item?

Approved Mayor’s Consent Agenda Items

-Approval of previous Minutes - March 14, 2016 -W.W. Wheeler & Associates Invoice No. 32661 - $1,008.00 (current change of water case) -TTG Invoice NO. 107166 - $750.00 (for work on small communities grant) -TTG Invoice NO. 107167 - $600.00 (WWTP responses with CDPHE) -Liquor License Renewal - Fowler Country Club (no violations and all paperwork and payments received) -Mayor to sign documents approved at this meeting

Unfinished Business

-Approved the purchase of a new backhoe for the Town of Fowler. The Utility Board recommends the Cat. The backhoe owned by the town is currently not working and repairs to get the machinery up and running are too costly and inefficient. The backhoe will be paid for equally out of each of the following enterprise funds: cemetery, storm drainage, water and sewer. The down payment will come directly out of the sewer fund. Closed bids are being accepted for the town’s backhoe.

New Business

-Authorized the lease agreement and service agreement for a colored copier -Approved Pitsy’s Posse donation request. The town will give ten (10) 3-18-year-old, one-day swim passes -Approved Bureau of Reclamation request to Access Private Property. This will authorize members of the Arkansas conduit access to property in the town if needed -Adopted Resolution NO. 959-16: A Resolution pursuant to C.R.S. 31-10-507 and the Fowler Municipal Code 2.68.020 canceling the upcoming municipal election. The council received certification by Town Clerk of Fewer Candidates than offices, 4 applications were submitted and there were 5 seats available -Adopted Resolution NO. 960-16: A Resolution authorizing the application for an energy and impact assistance grant to assist in funding the Town of Fowler augmentation drinking water treatment project. -Approved Resolution NO. 961-16: A Resolution establishing procedures for employees required to enter on to private property to maintain or repair water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer facilities. -Adopted Resolution NO. 962-16: A Resolution setting wages for the town clerk and treasurer. Both the Town Clerk and Treasurer have received and continued to receive certifications. For each certification received town employees earn a raise. -Adopted Resolution NO. 963-16: A Resolution appropriating additional sums of money to defray expenses in excess of amounts budgeted for the Town of Fowler, Colorado. Repairs to the water tank exceed budgeted amount, therefore, budgets need to be changed in order to accept bids for repairs. -Approved Ordinance No.727-169: An Ordinance granting franchise to Charter Communications. This was the second reading and passed, giving Mayor Hitchcock authority to sign franchise agreement.