Rural LISC is pleased to announce that it has received the National Housing Conference’s 2016 Housing Visionary Award along with the Housing Assistance Council (HAC). The awards were presented June 2 at the 44th Annual National Housing Conference (NHC) Housing Visionary Award Gala at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C.

Rural LISC and HAC were recognized for their “leadership, innovation and focus on people, communities and partnership” in helping to create the way forward for affordable housing in America. In particular, Rural LISC was honored for its comprehensive approach to strengthening rural America, and HAC for its over 40 years of working to improve housing conditions for “the poorest of the rural poor.” NHC presented the awards as part of its two-day 2016 Annual Policy Symposium.

“We are humbled to receive this prestigious honor and hope that it brings attention and focus to the critical need for greater resources directed to rural communities,” said Suzanne Anarde, Rural LISC Program Vice President. “More quality, accessible and affordable housing in rural America is something that we at Rural LISC are striving to increase.”

Rural LISC provides capital, technical assistance and networking services to rural community development organizations in 42 states and over 1,400 counties nationwide. This in turn creates jobs, housing, schools, health care facilities, recreational space and more in small towns across the country.
Gala attendees heard welcoming remarks from Chase Rynd, executive director, National Building Museum; Ted Chandler, chief operating officer at the AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust; Chris Estes, president and CEO of the National Housing Conference; Martin Sundquist, vice president and executive director, Wells Fargo; and Michael M. Horn, chairman, the Council of Federal Home Loan Banks.
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About Rural LISC Rural LISC provides capital and community development services that help local leaders address social and economic challenges and opportunities. Since 1995, Rural LISC has helped rural nonprofits build more than 29,000 homes and 3.2 million square feet in commercial and community facilities; helped launch and expand more than 550 small businesses; fueled 6,250 rural jobs; supported child care facilities and after-school programs for 1,000 children; and leveraged more than $120 million in matching funds to drive rural programs and development projects. Rural LISC is a national program of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), which has invested $16 billion to revitalize urban and rural communities across the country. To learn more, visit

About Rural America Rural America is three million square miles and 71 million people. It is countryside, small towns, mountains, farmland and coastal shores. Rural communities lack quality, affordable housing and health care. They are losing jobs and land to suburban sprawl. They do not receive the necessary government funding and support to provide decent education and transportation services. They are often unable to keep up with technology and the mainstream economy. Despite the image of rural America as a farm-driven economy, less than nine percent of rural jobs are in the combined farming, agricultural services, and forestry and fishing industries.