Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. ~Berthold Auerbach

Piano students of Tammie Nelson awed their friends and family at their annual end of year piano recital. Students celebrated accomplishments, achievements and proudly played their favorite pieces from the past year.

Awards Participation Certificates: Ava Camacho, Brock True, Owen Hutto, Molly Tate, Katie Nesselhuf, Bruley McCuistion, Macy Cash, Cael True, Sylvie Lotrich, Hagen McCuistion, Riley Hutto, Ashlynn Bigler, Lauryn Hutto, Anna Hutto, Aspen Bigler.

Level Completion Certificates

Primer Level completion – Molly Tate, Katie Nesselhuf, Bruley McCuistion. Level One completion – Hagen McCuistion. Level Two Completion – Ashlynn Bigler. Level Four Completion and Chording Book 2 – Aspen Bigler.

Flash Card Proficiency

Primer Level: Ava Camacho – 10 cards in 9 seconds; Brock True – 14 cards in 13 seconds. Level One: Molly Tate – 17 cards in 15 seconds; Katie Nesselhuf – 19 cards in 18 seconds; Macy Cash – 19 cards in 16 seconds; Sylvie Lotrich – 26 cards in 25 seconds; Cael True – 27 cards in 26 seconds. Level Two: Hagen McCuistion – 27 cards in 23 seconds; Riley Hutto – 34 cards in 34 seconds.

Stick-To-It Award: Bruley McCuistion.

On A Roll Awards: Owen Hutto, Brock True, Ava Camacho, Cael True, Sylvie Lotrich

Outstanding Pianist Awards: Aspen Bigler, Ashlynn Bigler, Lauryn Hutto, Anna Hutto, Katie Nesselhuf